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WyOIL Corp.

Statement of Principles of Conduct

The corporation was founded on the principle of respect and fairness towards its shareholders, employees and officers as well as towards the communities of the locations in which it operates and from which it receives investment and trade.

We the directors, officers, management and staff are the living face of the corporation, and to that end each must accept the responsibility of always standing for the principles of the Corporation and never hiding behind them.

We will conduct our business and operations with respect for the finite resources upon which our trade depends, and the environment from which those resources are derived.

Above all else, we shall conduct ourselves with the understanding that it is we who are the custodian of the shareholders’ investments, our natural environment and the well being of our fellow workers and their families and we must honor that trust in all that we do. We shall attempt to create value for our shareholders and a wholesome, safe, secure and stimulating work environment for our staff by following these guiding principles in the conduct of all of the Corporation’s business.